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A note about body positivity:

Loving your body exactly as it is in its current state is a concept that speaks deeply to me. As a woman with a belly and some thick thighs (and that interacts with the world even a little bit), I understand firsthand what it is like to be unhappy with your appearance and how much of a challege it can be to love every aspect of your physical being. I retouch and slim my own body for some of my self portraits and because of that, I offer that option to my clients.

You are beautiful exactly the way you are, smile lines, belly rolls and all. But these are your images and it is important to me that I give you the choice of how you want to be represented. 

Retouching Examples

Q: How does the retouching process work?

First add the photos you want to your favorites list by clicking the heart in the bottom right corner of the image. 

Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 2.10.37 PM.png

Click the heart in the top right corner of the page to view your favorites list. Click the speech bubble in the bottom right corner of the image and write what you would like done.

Screen Shot 2021-11-24 at 4_14_16 PM.jpg.webp

Now just send me and email/text and let me know you're done picking and I can start on your edits!

Q: What kind of retouching do you offer?

I offer everything from very minor retouching to extensive body modification, skin smoothing and background work.

I usually implement what I call the "
Two Week Rule" which is removing anything that won't remain on your body for longer than two weeks (IE removing cuts, scrapes, bruises, blemishes, etc)

I will automatically do my best to remove any distracting background elements or dirt/stains from clothing.


Q: What if I have a weird request that you may not know how to do?

Even if I have never done what you're asking of me before, I will do my best to figure it out. I'm a pretty quick learner and love to expanding my skill set.

If the requested edits cannot be completed adequately by me and need to be outsourced, I will confirm with you any additional charges. 

Q: What if I don't really know what I want and I want it to be up to you?

Thats awesome, just let me know that's what you want! 
(When I get free rein over retouching what I tend to do is edit anything out that I wouldn't paint if I were painting your portrait. IE: remove the under eye circles but leave the moles, minimize but keep wrinkles, slim arms and legs that are being squished up against something, dodge/burn to make the eyes pop, and of course remove distracting background elements, etc etc)

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